RSC Belgium International Section Committee

Following the elections held at the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the RSC Belgium section on 17 January 2020 and the first meeting of the committee on 4 February 2020 the RSC Belgium International Section Committee has the following membership:

Elected members
  • Prof. Bob Crichton (Chair)
  • Ms. Julie Tuppeny (Treasurer)
  • Mr. Tim Reynolds (Secretary)
  • Dr. David Terrell
  • Ms Jane Downing
  • Dr Matt Andrews
  • Mrs. Rita Woodward
Co-opted members
  • Mr. Bo Dahlqvist
  • Mr Fabio Lucaccioni
Under the section rules, in addition to the three officers of the section (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary), the committee can have a minimum of two ordinary members and a maximum of five and can appoint up to two co-opted members.

The RSC Belgium International Section is constituted as an 'Asociation de Fait' under Belgian law.

To contact the Committee, please use the RSC Belgium gmail address.